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Dr. Mendelsohn heads the Mendelsohn Consulting Group LLC.

He is affiliated with the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center Research and Development.

Statement from Dr. Mendelsohn:

At present, Dr. Mendelsohn’s cancer treatments are very expensive, depending on the case, as much as $100,000 a month. We are planning to launch a campaign to find 10 patients for this next year, as the treatments developed in Israel also require extensive personal involvement of Dr. Mendelsohn and his team.

The treatments are available under the Right to Try Act of 2017 that President Trump signed on May 30, 2018, giving terminally ill patients expanded health care options. If your family members fall into this category, Dr. Mendelsohn are prepared to proceed with a private consultation. Dr. Mendelsohn is prepared to evaluate patients with cancer of all types, including cancer that has advanced to Stage 4.

“I cracked the code on how cancer thinks and works and what it feed off.” Dr. Mendelsohn explains. “Cancer is a highly intelligent and extremely adaptive disease, that typically advances and survives until the host cancer patient dies.” Dr. Mendelsohn notes traditional medicine gives cancer patients two options: 1. Chemotherapy, 2. Radiation treatments — with most patients lucky if they survive five years after being diagnosed with the disease.

“I have been successful with my patients because like a forensic pathologist you have to back engineer not the disease but back engineer each and every single patient individually.”  Dr. Mendelsohn formulates anti-cancer medicine tailored to each individual case.  

Patients should expect their cancer treatments for fourth stage cancer can cost as much as $1.2 million, taking one year or longer to produce maximum effect.

For patients with cancer at an earlier stage or for patients suffering from all forms of cancer, including GBM - GlioBlastoma / multiform GlioBlastoma -  as well as pulmonary infectious diseases, we will quote estimated costs of treatment on one-on-one individual case basis.  

Dr. Mendelsohn treats each patient on a 24-hour concierge basis, being on call around the clock to deal with patient emergencies.

While Dr. Mendelsohn cannot promise his treatments can cure cancer, I can attest from first-hand experience with a member of my family that Dr. Mendelsohn has achieved remarkable results with a Stage 4 lung cancer that had survived both chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Those wishing to inquire about specific cancer patients should contact me by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.