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The Timeless Truth About Gold & Silver

The Timeless Truth About Gold & Silver

For over three decades Swiss America Trading Corporation has provided Americans with tangible financial alternatives and a portfolio diversification formula proven to protect wealth over time. Today your money is at risk - both from the steady decline in the dollar's buying power as well as a sudden, unexpected financial market meltdown. We believe owning physical U.S. gold and silver coins today is no longer a luxury, but rather a vital safety hedge for you and your loved ones.

Inflation Nightmares: Present, Past & Future

Inflation Nightmares: Present, Past & FutureSA4
Soaring inflation can arrive like a thief in the night, but with the right preparation you can survive and even thrive when it happens. This White Paper covers three inflationary events; 1. The hyperinflation right now in socialist Venezuela, 2. The hyperinflation that followed World War I in Germany’s socialist Weimar Republic, The hyperinflation that soon could happen in America because of the rapid socialist drift of one of our two major political parties. Learn how to shelter yourself and your family.

The Secret War on Cash, Part I

The Secret War on Cash, Part ISA6 ... discover why ...
* Under threat of punishment, banks must now spy on you for the government.
* Our government has made it risky to carry cash due to tougher asset forfeiture laws.
* “Operation Choke Point” targets 30 types of businesses labeled as “high-risk”.
* In a cashless future it will become much easier for the government to rob you.
* Cash could also be killed fighting global "currency wars" launched by China.

The Secret War on Cash, Part II

The Secret War on Cash, Part IISA5
The government of the United States and many of its global allies are fighting a secret war – a war to destroy your right to own and use cash. Their goal: To make only transactions that can be tracked and taxed legal. Today a "cashless" banking system has become key in creating an all-pervasive, all-controlling global government surveillance and power over each of us. This is why governments are so eager to impose a "cashless" society before their citizens understand their loss of freedom.

The Crashless Society

The Crashless SocietySA7
Suddenly, experts are warning of a potential stock market collapse. But what if it never comes? America appears to be getting stronger by the day And so what if the stock market takes a big correction? It always recovers, right? Well, this topic is covered in detail in our latest Special Report. In it, you'll discover how to find the hidden positives and negatives of today's rising economic optimism. Are you worried about your retirement account? Stop worrying and start planning for the best years of your life!