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Truth and Consequences: Giving Children a Biblical Worldview Through Homeschool

Written by Education Lead

14754573361Submitted by: Judy Zwirblis, shown here with her sons Jay and David, and husband Alan.

When you give children absolute laws, then you give them the ability to reason.  These laws come from a acquiring a Biblical Worldview and as seen in the lack of basic academics and good behavior among our youth, they are not being taught in the standardized schools of today.  Concrete, absolute truths are the natural laws proven to be intellectually right, good spiritually, and scientifically accurate.  For instance, no one can argue with the obvious fact that we are individuals, born with our own set of unique characteristics.  Fingerprints, voice and facial recognition and DNA etc. can be identified, distinguishing one person from the rest of the world’s population.  In and of itself, the fact and the principle of individuality is a profound reality because it is so far-reaching when seen how it affects out thinking.  It implies that everyone has a unique purpose and that God’s gifting lies within that unique attribute.

It is important for a child to know that they are special, unique, and like the snowflake, simply beautiful. Once they become aware of this, an important principle comes to light. If they are special, it will lead to the dawning awareness that they must have a special purpose. If a child can understand their purpose, they hold the key to their satisfaction.  The process of reasoning is entwined with this principle. It will become tangible, personal, allowing for the ultimate conclusion which flows out to other disciplines.  In my teaching days, I remember tutoring a student who was labeled learning disabled and believed he was ‘just junk’.  I asked him what prompted him to say that.  He answered by telling me he couldn’t learn. It was true that he was falling behind in his studies, but his opinion about himself gave me reason to conclude that he had a wrong belief about who he was in God’s image.  I said to him, “God doesn’t make junk!” He looked at me as if I said something he never knew.  The eyes of his understanding were enlightened. He saw the truth, God doesn’t make junk! His ability to focus improved and with some help in  finding what he liked to do, he passed his subjects.

All ideas brought to their ultimate conclusions produce consequences.  To give an example, the idea of unique individuality affects ideology such as Communism versus Capitalism.  When the Pilgrims arrived in Plymouth in 1620, they nearly starved by initiating collective farming, (communism).  However, when Governor William Bradford saw the consequence of collective farming he suggested everyone become responsible for growing their own food.   Each was given a plot of land with seed to farm, thus, instituting the ideology of individual farming and capitalism. Those who grew corn, for instance, were able to sell or trade to those who grew grain and so on.  These individual families realized that free trade was a good idea which produced an abundance of all manner of food for the first Thanksgiving.

Like ‘fake news’ the false ideas of government run public schools are based on a socialistic ideology and propaganda. They create a confused world for our children that calls evil good and good evil; they state that there are no absolute truths in this world, only relative truths that don’t know right from wrong.  Parents in particular must open the door of true ideas and be responsible for their children and teach right thinking through God’s laws.  

While working with at-risk girls who had been kicked out of public school due to bad behavior, I saw how unveiling just one principle for them changed the way they acted. One day I overheard a conversation with several of the girls talking about how they originated from monkeys. Curious about where they heard this information, I asked where they got this idea. They told me they learned it in school, thus, I proceeded to explain that their belief was never proven to be true, but was just a theory.  I then showed them the scripture in the Bible which says we were all created in God’s image. They were astonished! It caused a chain reaction of thought which allowed them to come to the conclusion that they actually originated from God and not from monkeys according to the Darwin theory. Amazingly, their behavior began to change for the good, and I was able to observe how one absolute truth transformed their young lives.

The great minds in history, given the truth, learned in their own way and in their own time. Einstein was frustrated because his teachers could not answer his questions.  They wanted to label him as rebellious and stupid because he could not focus on the established agenda.  Thomas Edison was considered a trouble maker in school forcing his mother to keep him home, not because she thought he was a bad kid, no, she believed he was bright and curious.  As a schoolboy, Winston Churchill was clever enough but his downfall was that he had particular interests such as geography and history, which he excelled at, while other subjects, Latin and mathematics in particular, held no interest for him whatsoever causing many unwarranted problems for him.  He was considered a disappointment. At the age of twelve, Winston Churchill encountered his first examinations resulting in poor results. It seemed his school experience to be much of a failure.  Even when he was older and ready to embark on what he desired to do, it took three attempts to gain entrance into Sandhurst, the British Army’s military academy. There he flourished because he was following his destiny. The rest is history!

Public education asserts that children have no special identity, or unique purpose.  This is a lie! The idea of saying that a child must be like everyone else is absurd and diametrically opposed to the truth and what true education is supposed to be.  Public education insists that children must learn a particular agenda while being fed a diet of misinformation. Parents must beware; children in most public schools are like sheep following a pied piper off a cliff. There is no room for the challenge of exploration or for the joys of discovery.   The only hope I see on the horizon for the future blessings of children is homeschooling.

As I taught my children in my home for more than twenty years, I noticed that the ordinary days of homeschooling were moments of the Lord’s gentle touch, the teaching of His love.  In my book, Treasured Tales of Homeschool, An Inspiration for Parents, I explain how the importance of teaching a Judeo-Biblical Worldview creates the foundation for sound reasoning.  My family’s stories share spiritual insights into the heart of God and give an example of how parents can see their children as God sees them.