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Where is RGB?

Written by Staff Writer

image courtesy of Medill DC on flickerSupreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsberg has been missing from the bench for a few days now prompting the Trump administration to quietly start looking for replacements for the aging and ill justice.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg 85, absent from her duties as she recovers from surgery to remove cancerous growths from her lungs.


Many news outlets are reporting she is working at home on briefs and transcripts. however, this is the first time in 25 years she has been absent without recusing herself.

Ginsberg's ill health is prodding the Tump administration into looking at a possible replacement for her. This will create one of the big shift in the highest court in the land as Ginsberg, who was a liberal appointed by Bill Clinton, Gorsuch replaced a conservative and Kavanaugh replaced a swing decision in the court. This makes the new Supreme Court most conservative bench in a decade and dealing a devastating blow to the Democrats.

Politico is reporting the Trump administrations is looking at many women for Ginsberg's replacement, however, if Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing is any indication of what will happen with the new appointee, it might be best if we all buckle up.