Abby Johnson Puts Brian Sims on Notice: ‘We Are Not Going To Be Bullied’

Written by Editor-in-Chief

Screen Shot 2019 05 11 at 10.22.50 PMHundreds of pro-lifers gathered outside a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Philadelphia Friday morning, May 10, in response to Democrat Rep. Brian Sims' verbal harassment of peaceful pro-life activists. 

Sims threw racial, and racist, as well as religious and age-related epithets intended to bully and insult the peaceful protester who walked the sidewalk quietly praying the rosary.

Sims hounded the woman as she prayed the rosary while he himself filmed his own 9-minute tirade. (It seems Sims has removed his video from his Twitter account.) But a copy is available here.

“She is an old white lady, who is going to try to avoid showing you her face.”

“How many children have you clothed today? … How many children have you put shoes on their feet today? Have you fed any children today, or have you just stood out in front of a Planned Parenthood shaming people for something they have a constitutional right to do? If you’re here about the children, you can pray at home for children. … But you’re not, instead you’re out here shaming people for something that they have a constitutional right to do?

“If you’re a white person like I am, we have a lot of catching up to do. We have a lot to apologize for, and I’m going to start by apologizing for this woman. Shame on you, what you’re doing here is disgusting. It’s an attack on common sense, it’s an attack on the Constitution, it’s an attack on the rights of every single person coming here. And don’t convince yourself that what you’re doing isn’t extremely racist. How dare you? This is grotesque.”

In response to Sims video, Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life advocate, tweeted Sims:

"How about I let you know next time I’m standing on the sidewalk advocating for life? Let’s see how powerful you are with your little camera and shaky voice when you encounter a young, empowered, prolife woman who won’t back down from bullies. Bring it, coward."

Johnson's tweet led to the gathering outside the Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood yesterday. Sims did not show.

"It's time for pro-lifers to stand up and push back," Johnson said.  ‘We are not going to be bullied.’

Johnson ended her remarks at the rally explaining that the pro-life “battle” is “not going to be won in the halls of Congress. It is not going to be won in the White House. It’s going to be won right here, on these sidewalks where abortions are taking place. Because our goal must not be to simply make abortion illegal. Our goal is to make abortion unthinkable.”

You can watch the pro-life rally here. You can see a segment of Sims video here.

You can sign the petition for Bryan Sims to resign here.