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Bombshell: James Baker, Former Top FBI Attorney, has turned state's evidence

Written by Editor-in-Chief

Screen Shot 2018 09 16 at 12.23.58 AMJames Baker, top lawyer at Comey's FBI, has turned state's evidence and is fully cooperating with the newly revealed Federal Grand Jury, according to Bill Still of The Still Report.

In other words, Baker is testifying for the government and against the plotters of the coup in a criminal investigation, not a second special counsel, lead by the Inspector General.

Judge Joe DiGenova, according to Still, is "the most knowledgeable person in Washington DC among those who are in a position to talk about this issue publically." DiGenova maintains that Indictments and arrests of top FBI and DOJ officials are imminent for the "brazen plot" to illegally exonerate Hillary Clinton and to frame Donald Trump.

Still said: "Justice is about to be restored in America."

Learn more at The Still Report and The Ingraham Angle at 31 min. into the show.