Golden Volcano Is Ready to Erupt

Written by Staff Writer

VolcanoThe Gold (and Silver) Volcano Is Ready to Erupt -Smith/FX Street
"The 1980 Mount St. Helens explosion offers a fitting metaphor for the pressures building in the gold and silver markets. Tremors are intensifying around the globe due to the massive overprinting of fiat currencies, creating debt levels without historical precedent. Financial 'earthquakes' are taking place as we speak in Venezuela, Argentina, parts of the Middle East and Africa.

Yet most people - especially in the West - are simply not paying attention. Yearly gold acquisition by four countries alone - China, India, Russia, and Turkey - now exceeds annual global production. Central banks are vaulting gold at the fastest pace in decades. Falling gold reserves of major producers have declined 26% since 2012....'From a risk/reward perspective, there is no asset class that has anything even close to the positive attributes that gold has at this point in US business cycle time.' Stewart Thomson, Graceland Updates....The policies of central banks - including the Federal Reserve...has created a series of asset bubbles...Now the banks are stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place, with nowhere to go but zero to negative rates....A number of increasingly evident factors are building pressure under this 'golden volcano.'....Don't let time run out before taking action to protect your finances. Learn from what others, across cultures, have done ahead of time for thousands of years, and from what millions of people around the globe are doing today. The clock on the coming eruption of the gold (and silver) volcano is ticking..."