China: What Hong Kong Unrest Tells Us

Hong Kong Protests 2019What Hong Kong unrest tells us about China's plans for the rest of the world-Carafano/Fox News
"The outside world can do little to assure the future of freedom in Hong Kong beyond making the case that preserving the principles of liberty are at stake. Nevertheless, the plight of that territory's more than 7 million souls can teach us an important lesson about what China has in mind for the rest of the world. It is not good. For starters, the continuing protests speak volumes about China's commitment to 'one country two systems.' When the British transferred sovereignty over Hong Kong to China in 1997, Beijing agreed to this arrangement.

The Hong Kong system - one of great economic freedom - has produced tremendous economic success. But economic freedom is no more popular than political freedom among the Chinese Communist Party. And in recent years, Chinese authorities have been encroaching on the rights supposedly guaranteed to Hong Kongers...Matters came to a head this April, when the Hong Kong government, under heavy pressure from Beijing, introduced legislation that would allow people accused of crimes against mainland China to be extradited. The proposal set off alarms among residents who know well that the mainland's thoroughly politicized legal system is not to be trusted. Fear that Beijing would quickly weaponize the proposed law to target democracy activists and journalists sparked massive protests. Efforts to suppress the demonstrations have only ignited more public demonstrations....Nothing reflects the contemptuous attitude of the Chinese more than its prosperous propaganda claim that the Hong Kong demonstrations were engineered by the CIA. China is acting like a global bully. Like most bullies, it will continue to do so - until the world stops tolerating Beijing's intolerable behavior. Hong Kong is a warning to the world. The world ought to take notice."