Shock: Drone Attack on Saudi Oil

Written by Staff Writer

MQ 1 Predator armed with AGM 114 Hellfire missilesDrone Attack on Saudi Oil Field Seen as Realizing Worst Fears -Bloomberg
"For many of the national security teams that monitor threats on the U.S., the apparent drone strike Saturday on the heart of Saudi Arabia's oil production facilities was the realization of their worst fears.

Houthi rebels battling Saudi Arabia in Yemen took responsibility for the attack and said they used drones, though U.S. officials have said Iran was behind the attack and that at least some cruise missiles may have been used. The attack underscored fears raised by U.S. security officials and experts in terrorism about the rapid evolution of technologies that could have allowed inexpensive devices to pierce Saudi defenses in a way that a traditional air force could not: flying long distances to drop potent bombs that apparently set vast portions of the Saudi petroleum infrastructure ablaze....The implication of Saturday's attacks are enormous, Price said. They not only highlight the growing technical capability of rebel groups, but could also serve as inspiration for home-grown terrorists in the U.S. who may be motivated by the Islamic State or al-Qaeda, he said. 'Flying a drone, that puts a new spin on things,' he said. 'It enables attacks that previously weren't able to be conducted with that level of stealth and detachment from the attacker.'"