Exposure and Clearing of Satanic Practices and Influences

Written by Prayer Warrior Lead

SatanPizza*Note: In the spirit of patriotism and liberty, and honoring the sacred freedoms of speech, to gather, and to worship as we feel led, we invite all lovers of God, that same God who spoke to Moses from the burning bush and gave his name as “I AM THAT I AM”, to join us in prayer. Whatever  man-made religion you practice, whether Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zorastrianism, “New Age” or “Old Age” religion, whether you are fundamentalist, progressive, traditional, or non-traditional, all are welcome to join us in prayer for the saving of our nation. Adjust these prayers to fit your particular brand of dogma or doctrine and let our unity be the love of God, of freedom, and of this nation!

Please read this prayer aloud as written first. Spoken prayer is much more effective than silent prayer. People from any religion can give this prayer. This is based upon a specific key given by the Ascended Master Jesus the Christ. There are other keys that have been given to us in other religions as well.

In the name of God, I AM THAT I AM and in the name Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and the I AM Presence and the Holy Christ Presence around all who give this prayer, we agree together that the Will of God be made manifest for:


  • The exposure of the satanic rituals, such as: animal and human sacrifice using adults, children and infants, the consuming of human flesh and fluids such as spirit cooking, cannibalism, and the trafficking in human meat and body parts which have taken hold in America and the world such as those identified as being in Silicon Valley within the technology corporations, in Washington DC within the government and political operations, in Hawaii with island rituals, in Bohemian grove where leaders from corporate and political America gather for them, within Hollywood and the media and entertainment industries and all other places where these rituals and the engagement of this consciousness is found
  • The bringing to justice: those responsible for these rituals, those condoning, covering up or who are complicit in these rituals, those responsible for child, infant, and human meats and parts trafficking, pedophilia and the removing of these individuals from positions of authority , power and influence and replace them with those who choose to stand with God
  • The ratification of the judgment of Almighty God upon the seed of Satan and the seed of Lucifer and the forces of darkness which are interfering with the Divine plan of America and the fulfillment of Gods plan for the sons and daughters of God regardless of religion
  • The cutting free and healing in as much as the law will allow of all those who have been caught up in the practices and the negative energies of and the influences from Satanic rituals, black magic, witchcraft, inordinate wish-craft, wit-craft, cones psychic energies, voodoo, the influences of black magicians, witches and warlocks, misuse of the sacred fire and the false hierarchy opposing God on inner and outer levels with their demonic forces, curses, execrations against God and those serving the Light, that plot against the Divine plan for America and the Constitution
  • The binding and the cutting free of the mass consciousness of Americans and others from the negative influences surrounding satanic symbolism, glyphs, talismans, the black arts and to raise the consciousness of all Americans and others to the dangers and influences of these symbolisms especially in music, video games, TV, movies and all venues of so called entertainment and education
  • The cutting free of all: from the death grip of Satanism and Luciferianism and their political movements such as communism and socialism, from the mass programming and hypnotic suggestions of satanic thought forms, energy veils, curses, overlays of the forces of darkness, along with the associated lifestyles and attempts to normalize these behaviors
  • The encouragement of all to choose to come together in prayer and raising their spiritual awareness to take action and counteract these forces, to learn the strategies of Light and dark and to follow the promptings and true spiritual teachings of the Saints and ascended hosts
  • To awaken the mass consciousness to the need for concerted  prayer and whatever strategies are required to gain maximum intervention of God and that will invoke the appropriate Divine response and allow the hierarchy of Light and the Ascended hosts to intervene as needed in all affairs and to align the nation as “One nation under God”
  • To come together with such spiritual focus and unity as to allow the angelic realms to cleanse our nation, our schools, our media and government, our families from all satanic and Luciferian influence and that which is keeping America and all others from fulfilling their Divine plan.

We agree together in the name Jesus Christ to be shown the power and effect of these calls and that we be guided in ways that we cannot ignore for the saving of our nation and planet and for gaining the maximum help and assistance we may receive for the staying of these situations. We agree together for the power of the Holy Spirit and its transmuting violet flame to consume the causes and cores of these conditions and to correct all that is not of the light.

And we ask that no light be given unlawfully unauthorized to any part of life where there is not the commitment unto the souls salvation unto the worship of her God. We also agree together for the absolute God protection from the back lash from the forces of darkness by this prayer  and the subsequent release of Light into these situations. We ask for the cloak of invincibility, invulnerability, and invisibility and protection to be upon us, our loved ones and those to whom we are karmically tied in as far as the forces of darkness are concerned. Let this call be adjusted according to God’s Holy Will. Never the less, not our wills but thine be done. AMEN.”