A Petition Requesting Divine Sponsorship of Project “Corsi Nation”

Written by Prayer Warrior Lead
Introduction to the Corsi Nation Petition

The following spiritual petition was created and initially signed by the members listed below to consecrate the project "Corsi Nation" to the Will of God. Much like the Declaration of Independance which was signed by the early American Patriots, this petition addresses the greivances that we as a people are experiencing in our nations.We then ask for God's blessings on the Corsi Nation project as we outlined what the project Corsi Nation is to be about, in order to counteract those greivances. In so doing we go on record spiritually and ask for God's Saints, angelic realms and the Holy Spirit, to not only bless but guide the people involved in the creation of Corsi Nation. A spiritual petition such as this, can be created for any project you are considering. You may think of this petition as a spiritual brief, an imploring for assistance and adjudication before the Father. Directed to our Lord and Savior, we asked for his intercession and blessing before the Father. After saying the prayer of consecration it was consigned to the flame.

Please consider if you too would like to sign the petition to God the Father for the project Corsi Nation. If you do, we will add you name to the list

A Petition Requesting Divine Sponsorship of Project “Corsi Nation”
Almighty God,

We come together in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as promised in Scripture that where two or more are gathered together in His name, He shall be in the midst of us and if we ask anything in His name, it shall be given to them. Therefore we submit this petition for Your Divine adjudication and consideration:

Whereas: There are and have been constant and consistent attacks on the four sacred freedoms of all Americans and others worldwide: the Freedom of Speech; the Freedom to Assemble; the Freedom of Religion; and the Freedom of the Press; through many means by the current American and global political structures, including:

  • Political bias tainting due process of the law
  • The existence of double standards of justice in the investigative bodies, law enforcement agencies, and judicial branches of the government such as the Federal Bureau of investigation and the Department of Justice
  • The cover-up of treasonous acts and crimes of public officials
  • Treasonous attempts to overthrow the dually elected President of the United States Donald Trump and attempts at a government coup d’état
  • Calls for undue resistance, overt dissension and civil unrest, by elected officials, media representatives, and members of entertainment industries against the President of the United States and conservative values
  • Violations of the Constitution of the United States and legislating agendas through politically appointed judges bypassing Congressional legislative oversight


Whereas: The mainstream media and entertainment outlets have failed in delivering the truth to the people of America and the world; and in many cases do or have done the following:

  • Put forth constant narratives of communistic and socialistic concepts, perverse behaviors and lifestyles, and agendas, which are antithetical to the founding principles of the United States of America,
  • Continue to block fair and balanced reporting of events,
  • Are complicit in the covering up of major political crimes,
  • Have actively participated in false flag events designed to illicit negative emotional responses from the public to put forth predefined agendas to limit freedoms of all Americans with these events involving the use of crisis actors, prewritten narratives with expected outcomes, for the benefit of advancing nefarious agendas and subverting the United States Constitution,
  • Continue to demonstrate that they are a propaganda mouthpiece for entrenched corruptive elements which oppose acceptable American values and Divine principles and work in concert to eliminate religion and religious activity including prayer in schools, the removal of any and all references to God in schools and the government, the glorification and spreading of ideologies designed to tear down the US Constitution and foment civil war and unrest nationally and globally and undo any progress made in foreign affairs to establish peace among nations
  • Suppress conservative values and attack and vilify those who espouse divine principles and conservative life styles in the press, on the internet or through social media


Whereas: All Americans and those seeking freedom, truth, and God in all nations have been limited in their choices and sources for truth and information which enlightens, uplifts and supports an individual’s right to pursue their own reason for being and are currently being dominated and controlled by those desirous of establishing a globalist cabal; and which movements have been identified by the names “Deep State”, “The International Capitalist Communist Conspiracy”, “The New or One World Order”, and at their core are led by those whose only desire is control, power, and the tearing down of national sovereignty and the Divine rights of individuals

Therefore: We the undersigned, request that the following project entitled “Corsi Nation”, be sponsored, protected, blessed, and inspired on High and we dedicate and consecrate it to:

  • God and Divine Freedom for all peoples and all faiths
  • The restoration of the principles of divinely inspired God ordained government in all nations
  • Upholding the principles laid forth by the Founding Fathers of the United States of America as Divinely inspired in the Constitution and the Judeo-Christian framework upon which the nation was based
  • Becoming a source and repository of information that will give all peoples access to truthful media, sources of spiritual information and prayers for all faiths, and provide content that supports the fulfillment of an individual’s Divine plan and reason for being
  • Assisting in countering and defeating the control of the Deep State, the One World or New World Order, the International Capitalist Communist Conspiracy, and their globalist agendas

The movement and associated projects will consist of Internet websites and associated content, videos, social media, books, publications, interactive components, links to vetted information also aligned with Divine principles, alternative media and products, and other non-internet related broadcast and publication venues, information and services. The purpose is to assist all peoples in the search for truth, and reestablishing the intent of the Founding Fathers and return to the principles of God in our nation and setting a proper example for the world.

We ask for Divine sponsorship, protection, support, guidance and Your blessings as we consecrate this project and this work to the fulfillment of God’s Will in all things.

We also ask to be shown clearly the direction necessary to bring more of Your glory into manifestation and we gladly offer our own spiritual momentums to this cause according to Your Will.

This we ask in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and in the name of God I AM THAT I AM. May this or something better manifest, nevertheless, not our wills but thine be done.



Jerome R Corsi

Arthur Artim Thum

Joni Sue Thum

Craig D. Campbell

Julie Sasagawa

Kenneth Stahl, Jr.