Capitalism Helps Protect the Environment

Written by Swiss America

drip 871152 640Breathe free: Capitalism helps protect the environment -Washington Times
"A recent Rasmussen poll found 20% of voters feel we should eliminate capitalism to protect the environment. That's like saying we should eliminate teachers to improve education. Truth be told, capitalism has helped cleanse our planet - improving living standards while protecting the environment. Rather than eliminate capitalism, policymakers need to unleash it.

Markets incentivize efficiency by rewarding people for coming up with ways to do more or do better with less. People choose - and businesses make - more efficient products because it saves them money while delivering what customers want. Over the past decade, market forces have driven a massive transition within the energy industry. In 2008, coal provided roughly half of the country's electricity generation. Now, coal's share is about a quarter. Increased production of natural gas has driven energy bills and emissions downward. The Nuclear Energy Institute organized nuclear power plants nationally to find operating efficiencies that have reduced costs by 19%, saving consumers $1.6 billion and keeping emissions-free electricity in the marketplace....Investments in cement, steel, plastic and other building materials will make our houses and highways sturdier and our products more durable - with a smaller environmental footprint....When America and the rest of the world embrace policies rooted in economic freedom, both prosperity and the environment flourish. In this instance, you really can have your cake and eat it, too."