10.17.19 - Jamie Dimon warns: 'Recession Ahead'

Gold last traded at $1,498 an ounce. Silver at $17.61 an ounce.

NEWS SUMMARY: Precious metal prices rose Thursday as weak economic data sent the dollar lower. U.S. stocks were little changed despite strong earnings results from Netflix and Morgan Stanley as investors also digested news of a pending Brexit deal.




Fed's Latest Move Proves It's Lost

9181618932 db834fc17b zThe Fed's latest move proves it's lost -Crudele/New York Post
"Read between the lines and the Federal Reserve is admitting that it is lost. 'Puzzled' might be a better word. And while the stock market loves that idea because it means there probably won’t be as many interest rate hikes as expected this year, this situation isn’t good for America. Interest rates were left where they are at this meeting and the Fed looks more reluctant to raise them in the months ahead....Why isn’t the Fed pushing rates higher?

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'Medicare for All' Will Terrify Voters

medical 563427 640‘Medicare for All’ Will Terrify Voters -Rove/Wall Street Journal
"In a CNN town hall Monday, Ms. Kamala Harris endorsed 'Medicare for All.' Pressed about whether the proposal would abolish private health insurance, the California senator breezily declared, 'Let’s eliminate all of that. Let’s move on.' After Republicans jumped on her for this policy’s radicalism, a Harris adviser said the attacks were 'good trouble' for her. A Jan. 14 Kaiser Family Foundation poll seems at first glance to support that view. It found 56% of Americans favor 'a national health plan, sometimes called Medicare for All, where all Americans would get their insurance from a single government plan,' compared with 42% who opposed the idea.

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Central Bank Gold Buying Highest in 50 Years

bank 820160 640Central bank gold buying hits highest level in half a century -CNBC
"Central banks bought the most gold by volume since 1967, according to the industry research firm, which also highlighted it was the largest amount since former U.S. President Nixon Richard's decision to end the dollar's peg to bullion in 1971. Central bank net purchases reached 651.5 metric tons in 2018, 74 percent higher than in the previous year when 375 tons were bought....

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Mark Levin Rips 'Intellectually Corrupt' Media

Mark Levin rips 'intellectually corrupt' media -Fox News
"A fired up 'Life, Liberty & Levin' host Mark Levin slammed liberal mainstream media members as 'intellectually corrupt' who commit 'yellow journalism' to harm President Trump. Levin joined Sean Hannity to discuss the recent examples of mainstream media rushing to judgment in order to condemn Trump and his supporters following the BuzzFeed and Covington debacles.

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