Redux: Rashida Tlaib’s Father Says She ‘Lied Big-Time To Get Elected'

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Rashida Tlaib 116th CongressFrom the Daily Wire by Ryan Saavedra, May 3, 2019: 

"Rashida Tlaib’s Father Says She ‘Lied Big-Time To Get Elected’ In Resurfaced 2010 Newspaper Article"

In a March 11, 2010 newspaper article in The Detroit News, Rep. Rashida Tlaib's (D-MI) father accused her of lying "big-time to get elected" by falsifying her address on an election affidavit.

Tlaib's father, Harbi Elabed, made the accusations against Tlaib, who at the time was a freshman state-level representative from the 12th District in Detroit’s Southwest side. The newspaper article was scrubbed from the internet when The Detroit News migrated to a new website but was available in a subscription-based digital archive. The Detroit News reported:

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Unemployment Falls to Lowest in 49 years, 263,000 Jobs in April!

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Screen Shot 2019 05 03 at 2.09.09 PMThe US is economy is celebrating a red letter day!  The word is Jobs. Jobs. Jobs.

According to the Department of Labor, the US added 263,000 new hires in April, the unemployment rate fell to 3.6%, the lowest since 1969.

Professional and business services added 76,000 jobs in April. Construction added 33,000, making its 12 month total 256,000.

The health care sector grew by 27,000 jobs in April. 

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Rosenstein Resigns Effective May 11

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Rod Rosenstein swearing in 03

Read Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's resignation letter to President Trump:

April 29, 2019

Dear Mr. President:

The Department of Justice made rapid progress in achieving the Administration's law enforcement priorities reducing violent crime, curtailing opioid abuse, protecting consumers, improving immigration enforcement, and building confdence in the police while preserving national security and strengthening federal efforts in other areas. We staffed the Department of Justice and the US. Attorneys' Offices with skilled and principled leaders devoted to the values that make America great. By consulting stakeholders, implementing constructive policies, reducing bureaucracy. and using results~driven management, we maximized the public benefit of our $28 billion budget. Productivity rose, and crime fell.

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President Trump Celebrates the Power of Prayer Today

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Screen Shot 2019 05 02 at 11.54.09 AMToday is the National Day of Prayer and all over the United States, people are gathering together to pray, including on Capitol Hill. The theme of this year's Day of Prayer is "Love One Another," an allusion to "Love one another as I have loved you" (John 13:34), the new commandment Jesus gave to his disciples.

At 11 am ET, the services began with President Trump and the First Lady leading the celebration in the White House Rose Garden.

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Latina Confronts Kamala Harris on Exploitation of Hispanic Women and Children

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Screen Shot 2019 04 29 at 8.26.03 AM

Anna Paulina, director of Hispanic engagement for Turning Point USA, ran into @SenKamalaHarris at an airport on Saturday.

Paulina confronted Harris about exploiting Hispanic women and children:

“She is damaging what is happening to women and children at the border. She is promoting reunification with child sex traffickers.” 

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