Human Trafficking

Written by Prayer Warrior Lead

Christianity010Submitted by: Rita Beitz

Lord Jesus we come to You for compassion and mercy. We come to You expecting miracles as You and You alone are the miracle worker. We ask You now for divine protection and refuge for all the children and people who are under the control of other within human trafficking. We ask You now Lord to surround the victims with the power of the Holy Spirit. Lord give them a place to run and a place to hide. Lord protect everyone who is in harms way and keep them safe.

Lord we also ask You to protect those law inforcement individuals who are fighting this fight against evil. We know that You are weeping for the innocent and we are also weeping along side You Lord. So we are asking You Lord for many miracles in regards to this devestating blow to our human kind. Lord we ask You to give all the law enforcement clues, tips, and advenues for finding these monsters. Lord keep them informed and keep them alert. Lord we ask You to surround any agency that is doing this kind of seeking and rescuing with Your Holy Angels and give them all the tools including finances that they need to contiue their fight. Lord we ask You with humble hearts and minds as we are at Your mercy for these innocent victims. Lord we also ask You to give these people who have already beeen rescued all the mental and physical help they need to regain their minds and bodies, so they can recover and also be a testimony for you someday. We ask You Lord to perform miracles for each person who needs it to recover from the devestation they have been under. Lord we weep for them, but we put all our trust in You as You can reverse the pure evil of this practice. Lord we ask You also to reveal to all the people who are behind these crimes in all forms, whether is it monetary or just physical involvement. We ask You to hold who are involved and that they may been seen and exposed for all to see. We ask You to stop the carnage and stop this evil in the name of Jesus. We ask you sever all the tenticales that are part of the masterminds behind these crimes. Sever it in the name of Jesus Christ. Lord we know that You are our savior and that You answer prayers, so we are on our knees humbly before You. Lord we ask You all these things for the crys and the devestation of the innocent in the name and the power and the blood of our only true savior, Your precious son, Jesus Christ, Amen.