Prayer of Thanks

Written by Prayer Warrior Lead

Christianity013Submitted by: Karrin Ochoa

Dear God, We come together to thank you. We are grateful for our ability to unconditionally love one another. Thank you for the beautiful world that has been created for us. We give thanks for our increasing wisdom and understanding of world events. We appreciate the guidance that comes from your grace. Thank you for the world leaders that have brilliant minds and open hearts. We strive to be responsible, informed and ready to take action by exercising the gift of freedom that comes from above.

Thank you for those doing what is necessary to rise above the current corruption that creates fear and guilt. We know we can overcome any imbalance with your guidance and wisdom. We are in awe at the magnificence of the plant and animal kingdoms, as well as for the beautiful children of every description that you have blessed us with. We love our eyes that connect with others, our hands that heal and our hearts that open wide. We shine for you, Dear God, and are humbled in your presence. Our service is in your honor. Our collective consciousness is powerful beyond measure. We connect through prayer, with clarity we speak. Thank you for waking people up, for caring about us with a mighty force, allowing us to participate in this grand and magnificent plan of yours. We are learning, we are growing, we count our blessing every day. Thank you for the courage to do what is difficult and the sweet smell of victory that we share as we overcome obstacles one by one. We reach for you Dear God no matter how many times the table turns. We trust in you, in the light of love we pray, Amen