Prayer To Be God's Partner

Written by Prayer Warrior Lead

Christianity012Submitted by: Brenda Hodgson

Heavenly Father, It is with gratitude we come to you this day for all our blessings, We accept each moment as a divine gift from you and accept the responsibility of our own creation with gratitude and love. May the joy we feel in our hearts extend to our family, friends, brothers and sisters the world over. We are anchored deep inside with love and total peace.

Our strength comes from deep trust and faith borne within us. It is with this understanding we can overcome any challenge and dance the dance of the cosmos with you God as our partner. Bless us that we develop all the seeds of spiritual power and success that are within us and that we use them to please you God whom we love more than all thy gifts. Charge our bodies and our minds with your magnetism and allow us to be your channels of light, peace, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, healing and most of all love. Be thou the light of the world forever more. Thy will be done, we let go and let God. World without end. Amen