Prayer To Stop Corruption

Written by Prayer Warrior Lead

Christianity017Submitted by: Rita Beitz

My fellow prayer warriors, we need your help. Please pray this prayer for an end to corruption in our nation. Lord Jesus we are on our knees in anticipation and awareness of the uncovering of the Satanic corruption within our government and judicial system. We know that what You reveal to us is only the tip of the iceberg, so we are trusting that You will reveal all to us when we are ready. We ask You now, Lord Jesus to go before us and open up all the secrets withheald within the corruption in our government and make those accoutable for their crimes. We ask You Lord to go from the top down taking those guitly and making them pay for their injustices. We ask You to reveal those who are guilty of treason and murder, child abduction, rape, and incest.

We ask You to open all the gates of secrecy and reveal all to the general public. We ask You to give those with information protection as they openly discuss the people and plans of the enemy. We ask You Lord to protect anyone who is innocent putting a sheild of protection areound them. Keep them safe and if need be anonymous. Lord we put this in Your hands because we know that You and You alone are justice and the ultimate judge. So we ask You now to hold all those accoutable for what they have done. We ask You to give the media a piece of humble pie as You reveal those who are corrupt within its' walls as well. We know the truth, Lord and You have the power to reveal the truth. we put and trust everything to You, Lord as we reach out to You on our knees for the breaking up of all the corruption within our country. We ask You to give our administration all the protection and tools they need to bring this corruption to a stand still. We ask for a shaking and a breaking, during which time multitudes will be saved. We also ask You Lord to put a hedge of protection around the innnocent whether out of ignorance or age, we ask You to protect them. We ask You to give the public the truth spelled out, so there will be no doubt of the crimes commited. We ask You to give the public a view of the wicked so they can understand the depth of the deception. Lord we ask You with our humble hearts all these things mentioned for an abolishment of the corruption within our government and are judicial system in the name and the power and the blood of our only true savior, Your son, Jesus Christ, Amen