Prayer For Discernment

Written by Prayer Warrior Lead

Christianity004Submitted by: Rita Beitz

Lord Jesus we ask You now for wisdom and descernment for all the deception that is going on within our world and our country. We ask You now to reveal to us the secret knowledge that You have ordained for Your people to hear. Lord we ask You to give us certanity and clear vision of what Gods' people are to do, how to pray and how to recognize deception in all its; forms, including text, journals, newspapers, videos, and seminars both on the net and throughout our world. We ask You to give us comfirmation of Your word either spoken or written by everyone who claims their evidence of things seen and not seen.

We ask You as our leader of the body of Christ to enlighten us, protect us and keep us from the plethora of deception that is now going on. We ask You to lead us always to the truth through Your scriptures and to identify those who are of You and that speak the truth. We live in perilous times and we know that so many happenings, news, and supernatural things are not only false but invented by Satan as His plan is to seek out and destroy. We ask You Lord especially for those who are Yours to cover them with truth, awareness and insight in the area of all deception. We ask You to cover us with the armour of God and to keep us aware and in a mode of education for those who are unaware and those who are not saved. We ask You as humble servants, Lord for all these things relating to deception and the snares of Satan in the name and the power and the blood of our only true savior, Your precious son, Jesus Christ, Amen