Prayer To End Abortion

Written by Prayer Warrior Lead

Christianity008Submitted by: Rita Beitz

My fellow prayer partners, friends, family, and aquaitences, please come together and pray for the end to abortion not only in this country, but around the world. Lord Jesus You are the creator, the ultimate force in our existence, we count on You for direction, safety and words to live by in Your word. We humbly ask You Lord to make a way for the end to the destruction of our next generations. We ask You to put Your hand down, saying, enough is enough. We know that these souls cry out to You Lord and they are each one important and precious in Your eyes, for they are Your creation. They the innocent in the womb do not have a voice, so we are on our knees, Lord asking You for an end to the destruction of these lives.

For You are the creator and You see the carnage and You hear the voices of the souls who have already been taken. We know that You shed a tear for each one taken and You weep an ocean for the ones who have perished. We know Lord that You have taken these precious souls into heaven with You, but we share the tragedy of those mothers and fathers who have lived and are living the aftermath of their decisions. Lord we ask You to enter the minds of the ones who have taken these lives and give them a conscience and an awareness of the devestation that has taken place. We ask You to give those who are truly lost a vision of this through the power of the Holy Spirit. Give them a vision that speaks to their compassion and empathy for any life, especially those without a voice. We ask You Lord to help Trump appoint judges who will fight for life and be bold enough to speak up and be a voice for the innocent. Lord we ask You to give the youth a lesson of responsibility for their actions. To hold sex and marriage high and a realization of the seriousness of sex and its' implications of pregnancy and the cost of this in their lives. Lord we know that abortion in the US is the law of the land, but that doesn't make it Your law, for Your laws are sacred and You have the authority over life and death. So we bed You Lord as we are on our knees proclaiming the end to the suffering, death, devestation and destruction of the babies who do not have the choice of life or death. Lord You are their voice and we are praying that You will turn the tides and end this war on the innocent. We do trust in You Lord and we know that this issue is Satans badge of honor, so we ask You to strip it from his arm and dismantle the structure that is in place, with every judge, every doctor, nurse or medical facility that is supporting and performing these murders. Yes Lord we know that this is murder as many know, but turn the other way denying abortion for what it is. So we also ask You Lord to cut through the deception and reveal the truth to all. Give the deniers a sense of responsibility, boldness and awareness of the law, they call women's health. We know that this is a lie from Satan and we ask You Lord to reveal to all the deception at hand. We ask You to stop the funding, stop the clinics, and stop the doctors as they turn their opinions toward preserving life instead of ending it. So in conclusion, Lord we ask You with our hearts in one accord, to stop the carnage in the name and the power and the blood of our only true savior, Your precious son, Jesus Christ, Amen