Heal The Nation And Make It Great Again

Written by Prayer Warrior Lead

Christianity009Submitted by: Rev. Christopher B. Cain

Father, we ask You in the Mighty name of Yeshua, Jesus Christ our Lord and savior, to heal our Nation and make it spiritually great again. Help us to recognize that a revival of a Nation begins with a revival of a heart, and then it spreads, person to person and heart to heart until, like a spark driven by the wind into the dry forest, it catches flame and ignites the world around it. Lord Jesus help us to repent of our individual sins, as well as the sins we have committed as a Nation. Help us never to water down Your Word, and teach us to repent of the murder of the unborn and the morally bankrupt lifestyles we enduldge and live in. None of us are innocent of the transgression of the law, yet because of Your grace and mercy, through Christ all of us are capable of claiming the redemptive work of the cross, where Christ shed His blood to wash away our sins, we need only confess Jesus as Lord and savior.

Help us to put our trust as well as our faith in Christ, to live lives which bring glory and honor to You and that lead this Nation into serving You like never before. Help us to be a beacon of light in the darkness of this world, pointing to the One True Way, the Lord Jesus Christ. Help us take the grace and the mercy that You have shown us, and share that with the whole world, that true freedom and liberty would be felt around the globe, as the Hope of all Nations empowers us to break the shackles that bind this Nation in sin, we ask this in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, and to break the bonds that are a result of the detestable things which have been done in our name, whether in secret or not. Whenever we find sin let us pray against it, let us speak against it in the love of Christ for those who are lost. We pray that we will llove each other in a manner which is pleasing to Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. Father help us to not live in fear and shame of speaking out against that which You say is evil and detestable, and help us to speak out in love and in a desire to see the lost won to Christ. Grant us courage and boldness to speak the truth in love and proclaim Your Word. Unite the people in this Nation under You Lord God, heal the wounds and divides that we have for so long been plagued with. Give us strength, guidance, wisdom, patience, hope, joy, peace, prosperity and protection both as individuals and as a Nation. Pour out Your Spirit upon us, and upon this Nation that Your will may be done and that glory and honor would be brought to the King of Kings and Lord of Lord's, Jesus Christ the Righteous. Father, lead us back into Your Word. Lord, guide is in Your Word by the Spirit, that we might know and understand Truth. In Jesus' Mighty and Holy Name we pray, Amen!