Prayer For Christians To Take A Stand For Elections

Written by Prayer Warrior Lead

Christianity017Submitted by: Rita Beitz

Call for Christians to run for office, inspired by Franklin Gramhams message. Lord Jesus we ask You now to make a way for all Christians to be aware of their impact on elections and our laws that are put into place in all places of government in our nation. Lord Jesus we ask You now to call Christian leaders and people of influence as well as those who can serve in small capacities to come forward and serve in political positions in any and all areas including local, judicial, and community city and county boards for the protection of our current democratic country. We ask You Lord now to call Your people to serve in preservation of the constitution and everything it stands for. We ask You to give those a boldness and responsibility to serve and a desire to make a difference and for their voices to be heard.

We ask You Lord to ask Your people to step out of their comfort zones and support the candidates who represent our God given rights. We ask You Lord to bless those who are Christians, that do come forward, run and present themselves to the voters who can and will elect them. We ask You also to ask those who have never voted before to vote, for as each vote counts. We ask You Lord to abundantly bless and encourage those who do step forward and chose to serve in their communities around this country. We ask You Lord to spread this message far and wide and make it known in the body that You are in control and as a body we are strong. So, Lord we humbly ask for Your blessings upon the body of Christ to serve in government in all capacities for the preservation of our free nation. We also ask You Lord to bind the mouths and hands of Satan as He is at work. We ask You to bind the evil spirits within people who are deceived and give them the opportunity to see the truth of You Lord as the only Savior. So we as a Christian nation can stay and secure our place in our country as the founding fathers did so many decades ago. Lord we ask You ultimately for the blessings You have shown upon us as a nation in the past and that You will continue to bless our nation for centuries to come. We ask You Lord for all these things for our Christian nation in the name and the power and the blood of our only true Savior, Your precious son, Jesus Christ, Amen.