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International Day of Repentance

Written by Prayer Warrior Lead

Day of Repentence01 Corsi Nation is inviting you to be a part of the international day of repentance on October 13 of this year. On this day we ask all to participate in prayer and fasting to implore Divine intercession to heal our nation and all of the nations.

What is a day of repentance?

A Day of repentance is a call for all of us to stop and take assessment of our lives, identify where we have turned away from the laws of God and to implore His intercession in our lives and in our nation. Every major faith recognizes that repentance is critical to returning to God's favor and imploring His Divine assistance in healing the lands and our nation.

In the bible it clearly states the need for repentance. In 2nd Chronicles Chapter 7 verse 14, God is speaking to Solomon and He says:

"...If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land..."

By confessing the transgressions of God's Law, humbling ourselves before Him, and asking for mercy and forgiveness on behalf of our nation and ourselves, God will heal the problems in the land and will help all of us to be more attuned to His Will. This is a promise of God. This is an opportunity for each of us to beg for intervention on behalf of the nation and out families. Our nation is in trouble. Our government is filled with corruption; our youth are being indoctrinated in the schools and universities with agendas that are not supporting the foundations of the Constitution. Socialism and Communism are threatening to take over as the new American values. We have violence in the streets and our cities are out of control. Our elected officials are not following the will of the people and are calling for rebellion. Elections are being stolen and a duly elected President is being threatened with impeachment because conservative values are not being valued and the will of the people is being usurped. The ending of human life through abortion is being seen as a right and not the violation of the sanctity of life which it is. It’s up to us to ask for mercy and take a stand for God’s Will. The scriptures of the world have called us to repentance, to recognize our sins and our out of alignment conditions to God’s Will.

The concept of repentance is not unique to the Christian world. All of the world’s faiths call for repentance in some form to regain favor with God. It is recognizing the wrong and setting the course for right action, right thinking and right behavior according to His measuring stick, not ours.

In Judaism, there are ten days of repentance commencing with Rosh HaShanah and ending with Yom Kippur every year. There are similar calls for and rituals of repentance in Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and all other world faiths.

Why was October 13 the date that was chosen?

The October 13 date was chosen for two reasons. Firstly, it is the date of the laying of the cornerstone of the Whitehouse.


In 1792 under the direction of the architect James Hoban, the cornerstone for the White House was laid at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This site was chosen by George Washington and the mansion was later occupied by John Adams, the second President who became the first resident. The laying of the cornerstone is an important event in American History given the fact that this event signaled the physical move of the President to the new capital of Washington DC from Philadelphia. Given the importance of work which is being performed in the West wing of the White house and specifically the Oval Office, it is important that we focus our prayers to God's Will in healing our nation. The work being done by our current President Donald Trump needs to have our spiritual support to back him up. With corruption everywhere in the government it is critical that we focus our prayers on and visualize the protection of our President and Vice President, their families and Administration. The symbol of the Whitehouse is an important prayer focus as it actually occupies the northern position of an arm of a cross that is made by the major monuments, mall, and focuses of The Lincoln Memorial at the West, the Jefferson Memorial to the South, the Capitol and Supreme Court to the East with the Washington Monument near the center of the cross.

Secondly, it is the date of the last appearance of the divine Mother of Jesus Mary at Fatima where she warned of the spread of Communism if Russia was not consecrated to her immaculate heart.

FatimeThreeChildren In 1917, three shepherd children Lucia dos Santos, ten; Francisco Marto, nine; and Jacinta Marto, seven received  six visitations from the Divine Mother of Jesus. In these visitations some of which were witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people and which culminated in the miracle of the sun, the three children received directions from Mary for the church bishops of the day which have not been fully carried out to her directions. The children had been prepared for these visitations by the Angel of Peace the year before who instructed them how to pray to get themselves ready for these visitations. Further information about this visitation can be found here. <Link to article> The children were given explicit instructions and the oldest Lucia, was instructed to inform the bishops of the church of the requests of the Divine Mother of Jesus. Foremost was the instructions that if Russia would be spiritually consecrated to the heart of the Divine Mother, the first Great war would end, Russia would be converted and communism would be stopped from consuming the nations of the world.


China CommunismHowever, if the instructions were not followed, a large more deadly and consuming war would occur if mankind did not turn toward God and repent. The end result would be that souls would be lost and communism would spread, infecting nation after nation.

 As we know, the Democratic party is taking a decided turn towards communism and socialism and we must still head the warnings of that prophecy and do our part to invoke the presence of God, repent of the deeds done by this nation that are not in alignment with the will of God. Ultimately this is a spiritual battle that we must fight with spiritual tools. There is a force of darkness behind these events that can only be dealt with spiritually. People need to wake up to their situation and its up to us to make that prayer to God.

 How can I participate?

For the Period from 12AM Oct 13 to 12 AM Oct 14, you can participate by setting aside activities that might consume your time like television or other activities  in favor of prayer directed for the nation, your families’ friends and loved ones. You can also add to this the ritual of fasting if that suits you and your health condition allows as some have found that this is another way to cleanse oneself and receive more of God’s light. Some engage in prayerful sessions visualizing the healing light of God and his mercy to descend up the lands during this time.

You may develop your own prayers and devotions or you are welcome to use some that have been written by other Corsi Nation readers. Join us in agreement and let’s get bring more of heaven to earth. Whatever you choose to do is up to you, but this is the time to do it. This is a time to get closer to God because God needs our prayers to be able to intervene on our behalf. By coming together, there is a spiritual multiplication by all of the prayer participants. Now it is time to put your faith on the line and step up for our nation. Together we can make a difference by letting our voices be heard in unison to the cause. We have more power over these conditions then we know.

Victory over the dark conditions and the seed of Satan and Lucifer for our nation is also foretold in the bible:

“..and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony”

We also invite you to look at our videos about the day of repentance.

Together we can make it happen, by the Grace of God.